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Use our map to find your location and the restrictions in place from 11:59pm, 27 September 2020.

Directions issued by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer

The State of Emergency provides the Chief Health Officer with additional powers to issue directions to help contain the spread of coronavirus and keep Victorians safe.

The application and implications of directions issued by the Chief Health Officer are reviewed daily.

State of Emergency

Extends the current Declaration of State of Emergency through to 11.59pm 8 November 2020. Signed by Minister for Health, Martin Foley, MP.

Area Directions

Area Directions identify areas within Victoria which have a higher prevalence of, or risk of exposure to, coronavirus (COVID-19) and which are subject to specific directions which are reasonably necessary to protect public health.

The Area Directions (No 9) come into force at 11:59pm on 11 October 2020 and replace the Area Directions (No 8).

Detention Directions

These Directions revoke the Detention Directions applied for public housing locations in Flemington and North Melbourne, with effect on 11.59pm 9 July 2020.

Stay at Home (Restricted Areas)

These directions require everyone who lives in a restricted area to limit their interactions with others by restricting the circumstances in which they may leave home and by placing restrictions on gatherings.

The Stay at Home Directions (Restricted Areas) (No 19) come into force at 11.59pm on 18 October 2020 and replace The Stay at Home Directions (Restricted Areas) (No 18)

Stay Safe Directions (Non-Melbourne)

These directions replace the Stay Safe Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 1) to ease the restrictions on leaving ordinary places of residence and on outdoor public gatherings, as well as establish a household bubble system.

The Stay Safe Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 5) come into force at 11.59pm on 18 October 2020 and replace the Stay Safe Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 4).

Restricted Activity (Restricted Areas)

The purpose of these directions is to restrict the operation of certain businesses and undertakings in the Restricted Areas in order to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Restricted Activity Directions (Restricted Areas) (No 13) come into force at 11.59pm on 18 October 2020 and replace the Restricted Activity Directions (Restricted Areas) (No 12).

The restrictions on Permitted Work Premises include the relevant restrictions listed in the Stage 4 Restrictions – Permitted Work Premises.

Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne)

The purpose of these directions is to restrict the operation of certain businesses and undertakings in Victoria in the Relevant Area. The Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 8) came into force at 11.59pm on 18 Ocober 2020 and replace the Restricted Activity Directions (Non-Melbourne) (No 7).

Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions

These directions establish the Permitted Worker Permit Scheme and the Access to Onsite Childcare/Kindergarten Permit Scheme. The Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions (No 7) come into force at 11:59pm on 11 October 2020 and replace Permitted Worker and Childcare Permit Scheme Directions (No 6).

Workplace Directions

The purpose of these directions is to limit the number of Victorians attending Work Premises. The Workplace Directions (No 7) come into force at 11:59pm on 11 October 2020 and replace the Workplace Directions (No 6).

Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions

The purpose of these directions is to limit the number of Victorians attending certain Work Premises to assist in reducing the frequency and scale of outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Victorian workplaces and to establish additional specific obligations on employers and workers in specific industries in relation to managing the risk associated with coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions (No 9) come into force at 11.59pm on 18 October 2020 and replace the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions (No 8).

Care facilities

This direction replaces the Care facilities direction, previously the Aged Care facilities direction, which restricted entry to all aged care facilities. It continues restrictions to care facilities, including alcohol and drug rehabilitation facilities, disability residential care and homelessness residential facilities.

The Care Facilities Directions (No 14) come into force at 11:59pm on 18 Ocotber 2020 and replace the Care Facilities Directions (No 13).

Visit the Visiting care facilities for more information.

For the latest resources and information for the aged care sector, visit the Aged care sector coronavirus page.

Diagnosed persons and close contacts

These directions replace the Isolation (Diagnosis) directions and require persons diagnosed with coronavirus to self-isolate and persons who are living with a diagnosed person, or who have been in close contact with a diagnosed person, to self-quarantine.

The Diagnosed Persons and Close Contacts Directions (No 12) come into force at 11:59pm on 11 October 2020 and replace the Diagnosed Persons and Close Contacts Directions (No 11).

Hospital visitors

These directions restrict entry into hospitals to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus among hospital patients and staff. Paid workers and volunteers can enter as usual, but there are restrictions on the age and number of visitors for patients, and limits on the duration of visits.

The Hospital Visitor Directions (No 13) come into force at 11:59pm on 11 October 2020 and replace the Hospital Visitor Directions (No 12).

Visit the Visiting hospitals for more information.

Revocation of airport arrivals and cruise ships directions

This direction revokes the Airport arrivals and Cruise ship docking directions, recognising that both have now been superseded by the compulsory quarantine Direction and Detention notice.

State critical infrastructure projects

The activities and projects listed below are deemed by the Victorian Government to be 'State Critical Infrastructure Projects' for the purposes of Clause 7(15)(b)(ii) of the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions made by the Chief Health Officer on 8 August 2020 (or any replacement Directions).

  • Critical maintenance and safety works to public infrastructure
  • Cladding Rectification Program
  • Early childhood learning, school and TAFE capital projects to meet time-sensitive enrolment demands
  • Victorian School Asbestos Safety Program
  • ICU Capacity Upgrade Works and health services maintenance work
  • Recommissioning works – Old Peter Mac hospital
  • Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital - new theatres
  • Northern Hospital Tower – Epping
  • Sunshine Hospital Emergency Dept - Sunshine
  • St George's Aged Care
  • Orygen Youth Mental Health
  • Critical Ambulance Station works
  • Victorian Heart Hospital
  • Essential public housing infrastructure
  • VIFM mortuary capacity and security works
  • Melbourne Remand Centre capacity works
  • Port Phillip Prison capacity works
  • Specialist Family Violence Courts infrastructure
  • VCAT Community Based Venues - Bundoora and Frankston
  • Dandenong Drug Court
  • New Victoria Police Centre
  • Melbourne Protective Security Enhancement
  • Youth Justice Redevelopment project at Cherry Creek
  • All road, public transport and telecommunications infrastructure safety and maintenance works
  • Road safety projects to maintain critical safe operations on the road network
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance & Manufacturing
  • Level Crossing Removal Project works – Hurstbridge, Frankston, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Werribee, Upfield, Craigieburn, Lilydale, Old Geelong Road (Werribee), Preston Package and Ballarat lines
  • Road Projects - M80 Ring Road Upgrade, Plenty Road, Mordialloc Freeway and Western Roads Upgrade
  • Monash Freeway Upgrade
  • Metro Tunnel Project and associated works
  • West Gate Tunnel works
  • Upper Yarra Dam upgrade and critical safety maintenance works
  • Critical fire station works
Critical and essential infrastructure projects

The proponents listed below have been deemed critical and essential infrastructure by the Victorian Government, endorsed by the Chief Health Officer, for the purposes of Section 7 (36) b i of the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions (No. 4) made on 16 August 2020. 


Proponent: Australia Post
Project: Australia Post Melbourne West Parcel Delivery Centre
Location: Tullamarine

Proponent: Kane Constructions
Project: Bio 21 Advanced Microscopy Facility
Location: Parkville
Proponent: Eurofins 
Project: Eurofins Chemical Analysis 
Location: Dandenong South
Proponent: Knowles Group
Project: Essendon Aged Care Facility
Location: Essendon
Proponent: Napier & Blakely
Project: Manningham Medical Centre
Location: Templestowe Lower

Proponent: CSL
Project: CSL Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan
Location: Broadmeadows

Proponent: Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd 
Project: New Hatchery Facility  
Location: Pakenham

Proponent: Melbourne Airport
Project: Melbourne Airport Safety Works Projects
Location: Melbourne Airport

Proponent: Pfizer
Project: Pfizer Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Expansion
Location: Mulgrave

Proponent: Thorne Harbour Health  
Project: 200 Hoddle Street, Abbotsford 
Location: Abbotsford

Proponent: Vaughan Constructions
Project: Kaufland Australian Logistics Centre/DHL
Location: Mickleham

Proponent: Qanstruct Australia
Project: Sigma Healthcare distribution centre
Location: Truganina

Proponent: Montague 
Project: Montague Production Facility 
Location: Narre Warren North

Proponent: Monash Health 
Project: Monash Medical Centre Emergency Department Expansion and Traffic Improvement Works 
Location: Clayton

Proponent: Harris HMC 
Project: Building Stability Works 
Location: Essendon

Proponent: Harris HMC 
Project: Building Stability Works 
Location: Collingwood

Proponent: Ego Pharmaceuticals 
Project: The Green Core 
Location: Braeside

Proponent: Bio Construct 
Project: La Trobe University Animal Research Facility Infrastructure Project 
Location: Bundoora

Proponent: Lendlease
Project: Redevelopment of Melbourne Park
Location: Melbourne 

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