Media release
30 December 2020

Residents are being urged to be tested for coronavirus following the notification of three positive cases in Mitcham, Hallam and Mentone today.

Victoria’s Commander of COVID-19 response Jeroen Weimar said the active cases were a concern but that everything was being done to ensure all relevant exposure sites and close contacts were identified.

“We have three cases that are self-isolating at home and are being supported and monitored by the Department of Health and Human Services,” Mr Weimar said. The cases are present in two women in their 40s and a woman in her 70s.

“We have been in this position before and we are deploying our full outbreak approach around these cases. Extensive contact tracing is underway and as a result there are currently more than 40 primary close contacts that are being supported to isolate immediately.”

Mr Weimar said that contact tracing is ongoing overnight as the team confirms evidence of how these cases presented and more close contacts are expected to emerge.

“At this point, our priority is on making sure we’ve got the right supports in place for the close contacts (primary and secondary) and that people are getting themselves tested.”

The current list of high risk locations are listed below, but we expect to update these again tomorrow as more information comes to hand.

27/12/20 - Mentone/Parkdale Beach - 10:00 – 16:30

28/12/20 – Century City Walk and Mocha Jo’s, Glen Waverley - 13:30 – 17:00

28/12/20 – Katialo restaurant, Eaton Mall, Oakleigh - 19:00 – 20:15

Exposure sites will continue to be updated throughout the evening and can be found on the Case locations and outbreaks page.

“We are so thankful that these people did the right thing and got tested. We always knew this virus had us in a precarious position and we need to make sure we do everything we can to stamp out any further transmissions.

“Now more than ever people should not let down their guard. Maintain physical distancing, practice good hand hygiene. Stay at home if you’re unwell and most of all get tested if you have any symptoms at all.”

Testing locations can be found on our Where to get tested page.

Information regarding COVID-19 is available at the Department of Health and Human Services website or by calling 1800 675 398.