Second Step

11.59pm on 13 September 2020

Second Step: Travel - regional Victoria

What does this mean I can do?

If you live in regional Victoria, Stay at Home restrictions apply.

Under the restrictions you can leave home: 

  • to shop for food and essential goods or services 
  • to provide care, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment
  • to exercise
  • for work or study, if you can’t do it from home

You may also leave home to visit the nominated person of your 'single social bubble'. You can also leave home for outdoor social interaction with your household or with one other household up to a cap of five people.

You must wear a face covering when you leave home. You cannot have visitors or visit friends and family who live at another household, except for caregiving or compassionate reasons or if you are part of the same 'single social bubble'.

You must not travel into metropolitan Melbourne under current restrictions, except to buy necessary goods and services, for care and compassionate reasons or permitted work. While in metropolitan Melbourne you must comply with the metropolitan Melbourne restrictions.

Your questions answered

Can I go on holiday?

No, holidays are not a reason you can leave your home. Under the current restrictions, holidays are not a reason to leave home. 

Can I go camping? What about unregistered or free camp sites?

Camping grounds and caravan parks are not open at this time unless it is a person's primary residence or for emergency accommodation. 

These restrictions apply to all camping grounds and caravan parks throughout Victoria, including unregistered and free sites. 

What if I have booked a holiday, can I still go?

No. You will have to cancel holiday bookings. The accommodation operators will need to provide refunds and are eligible to receive assistance through Business Victoria

Can I travel to stay overnight?

No. You are not allowed to travel unless it is for work or study (if you cannot do these things from home), caregiving, seeking medical care, to visit your intimate partner, or to visit your nominated ‘single social bubble’ person in their home, provided they are home alone. 

Can I travel to my holiday house?

No. You must not leave home unless it is for one of the permitted reasons. The only reason to travel to a holiday house is to carry out essential maintenance. 

If you have more than one ordinary place of residence, you must choose what will be the principal place of residence for the duration of the restrictions. If you were in metropolitan Melbourne at your place of residence on 1 August, this remains your principal place of residence for the duration of the current restrictions. 

We know this is difficult but we ask all Victorians to apply common sense so we can slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) to new areas of Victoria. 

Can I travel interstate?

Travelling interstate is not recommended. If you do need to travel interstate for a permitted reason, you should check the rules that your destination state or territory has in place

Can I drive my car?

Yes. But you should only leave home for one of the permitted reasons, such as driving to a local shop for food or essential items, or driving to work. When you leave your car, you must wear a face covering. You can drive to an outdoor area for social interaction with one other household (up to a cap of five people) and to visit your nominated ‘single social bubble’ person as long as you do not cross into the metropolitan Melbourne area to do this. You should stay close to home as much as possible.   

Can I have passengers in my car?

Where possible, carrying passengers in your car should be avoided, unless they live in your household. The enclosed space of a car presents a heightened risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Can I get out of the house and just go for a drive?

Yes. But this can only be undertaken within regional Victoria, and should not involve leaving your vehicle for any purpose except for one of the permitted reasons: shopping for necessary goods or services, care, caregiving or compassionate reasons, exercise, work or study, to visit your nominated ‘single social bubble’ person in their home, or to meet members of one other household (to a cap of five) in an outdoor space. 

Can I use taxis and ride-shares?

Yes. But only for one of the permitted reasons for leaving home. You must wear a face covering and so must your driver. Where possible, maintain physical distancing by sitting in the back seat, and wash or sanitise your hands before and after getting in the vehicle. 

Can I use public transport?

Yes. Public transport services are still available for people who need to work or attend education, or for one of the other permitted reasons for leaving your home.  

Where possible maintain your physical distance while using public transport and wash or sanitise your hands before and after using public transport. You must wear a face covering when you leave home.  If you travel on a busy route, consider travelling outside of peak times to reduce crowding.  

Public transport service desks will not accept cash for payment to purchase or top up your myki. You must either pay online, on the phone or use contactless payment methods. 

Can I leave my house to take a driving lesson?

Yes. Driving for practice is allowed, with a driving instructor or a member of your household. You must wear a face covering and so must the instructor. 

Can I sit a driving test?

No, you will not be able to undertake your test until the restrictions are lifted. VicRoads will contact you to reschedule or postpone your test 

Customers can continue to apply for approval for licence testing under the existing hardship and special circumstances policy. 

For more information visit VicRoads website

Can I pick someone up from the airport?

You may pick up or drop off a person from an airport if it meets one of the four reasons for leaving home. For example, to provide care and support to a relative or another person or if it’s your child. 

If you need to pick up or drop off a person at the airport, you should stay in your car when you get to the airport. You must wear a face covering if you leave your vehicle. 

Where possible, carrying passengers in your car should be avoided, unless they live in your household. The enclosed space of a car presents an increased risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Can I fly a plane for recreation or take a flying lesson?

Yes. Flying for recreation is allowed but only with one other person, or members of your household. If flying with someone who is not from your household, you must be able to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 metres from that other person and you and your passenger or instructor must wear a face covering. You should only depart or land at airports within regional Victoria. Recreational flying and flying lessons are not permitted within metropolitan Melbourne. 

You can also fly for practice, with a flying instructor or a member of your household.

Can I enter Victoria from another Australian state for the purposes of volunteering?

Yes. Victoria does not currently have any restrictions in place for volunteers entering from another Australian state or Territory, however you will need to adhere to any directions in place for your home state on return. 

If you are entering Victoria from another Australian state or territory, you do not have to quarantine after entering Victoria. Upon entering Victoria, you must adhere to the restrictions and directions that are in place to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Always check the current travel restrictions and advice before you leave home.