Across Victoria, the State Government is committed to providing better homes and stronger communities for all Victorians. By increasing access to suitable and stable housing we can improve outcomes for people who rely on our services.

To help achieve this in regional Victoria, an investment of $30 million has been allocated to revitalising public housing estates in Ballarat, Benalla and Bendigo.

The funding will be used to improve the design of the estates to better meet the diverse needs of the community. To achieve this, a masterplan will be prepared for each of the estates that will set the direction for revitalisation. The objectives for the Regional Estate Revitalisation Project are:

  • To increase the diversity of public housing estates and address poor community perceptions of the precincts and reduce social disadvantage
  • To address housing and urban design to improve integration and connections
  • To rebalance the supply of social housing in the precincts so it meets the needs of tenants in the precincts

To achieve these objectives, the project’s deliverables will include the following elements:

  • Targeted redevelopment of identified public housing properties
  • Public realm improvements
  • Programs and initiatives with partners, where applicable, to complement the physical improvements
  • An implementation and delivery plan to deliver the masterplan over the short and medium term

The masterplans will provide a long-term roadmap to creating better connected and more liveable communities. Although there are no current timeframes, the delivery of a masterplan typically takes between five and 15 years. The State Government is committed to continued engagement with tenants and other stakeholders.

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