The Victorian carer strategy 2018–22 is the first whole of government strategy that recognises and supports the important role of Victorian carers.

Carers provide support to partners, family members and friends. They may care for someone with a disability, mental illness, chronic illness, or an older person with care needs.

Victoria’s carers are as diverse as the people they care for. Carers provide emotional and practical support for a few hours a day or around the clock.

The care role can be hugely rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Carers can sometimes find it difficult to access services and supports to look after themselves and be supported in their care role, particularly as many do not identify as carers.

The Victorian carer strategy 2018–22 aims to support carers where they need it most. The 5 priority areas in the strategy are that carers:

  1. are healthy and well
  2. are engaged in education, employment and community
  3. can access respite and other supports they need when they want them 
  4. have less financial stress
  5. are recognised, acknowledged and respected.

The Victorian carer strategy 2018–22 has been developed with input from carers and peak bodies through a consultation process over many months.

Quotes from these consultations are scattered throughout the strategy, to give voice to the many carers who gave their time to share their insights with us. To those carers, and all the other carers across Victoria who give up their time each day to care for someone else, we are most grateful. Thank you.

For a hard copy of the strategy, contact the Community Based Health Policy and Programs unit.

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Victorian carer strategy 2018–2022 - Recognising and supporting Victoria’s carers