The Department of Health and Human Services has proactively identified small amounts of non-compliant cladding on Victorian hospital buildings.

Commencing in July 2017, and following the establishment of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce, the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) commenced a comprehensive building audit across its portfolio to identify all buildings with existing combustible cladding that are non-compliant and therefore an unacceptable fire risk, in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The department thoroughly audited more than 1,100 health service and related buildings to check for non-compliant cladding. Non-compliant cladding was found on 18 public hospital buildings with an additional two buildings requiring minor canopy works only. 

The department is working with each affected health service to make sure that staff and patients are fully informed about the progress of works and each building’s fire safety features.

All of the hospital buildings identified for replacement works are safe to occupy, and will continue to provide high-quality health services to Victorians. 

To learn more, read the Reviewing cladding in Health Services Buildings fact sheet.