A Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been prepared for the proposed 'Determinations of eligibility criteria, priority categories and criteria for applicants for social housing' (the Determinations).

The proposed Determinations, to be made by the Director of Housing under theĀ Housing Act 1983, facilitate the allocation of tenancies to applicants on the Victorian Housing Register. The proposed Determinations also revoke the existing Determinations which expire in May 2018.

The proposed Determinations will:

  • Determine the eligibility criteria that must be met for a tenancy in social housing
  • Determine priority categories for social housing
  • Determine criteria that must be met to fall under a particular priority category.

The RIS provides a background to the social housing sector in Victoria and the expected benefits for allocating social housing tenancies in Victoria.

You can download the RIS fromĀ this web page.

Update 4 July 2018

No public comments or submissions were received during the RIS consultation period. The Determinations were published unchanged from the draft version in the RIS, in the Government Gazette on 18 May 2018.

See the published Determinations in the Downloads section.