The Gifts, benefits and hospitality policy outlines the department’s position on responding to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality, and providing gifts, benefits and hospitality.

The department is committed to good governance and maintaining high levels of integrity and public trust.

The policy has been developed in accordance with the requirements outlined in the Gifts, benefits and hospitality resource suite issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commission to assist public officials and public sector organisations to meet the minimum accountabilities.

Where the employee is unable to seek their managers approval prior to acceptance, approval must be sought within five business days.

Staff must refuse all offers with a value over $50 or offers from people or organisations that could be perceived to influence a decision, such as tender processes, procurement or awarding of grants.

The policy is intended to support individuals and the department to avoid conflicts of interest and reinforce the Victorian public sector values of impartiality, integrity and accountability set out in the Public Administration Act 2004 (Vic).

The department maintains a register of all declarable gifts, benefits of hospitality that are offered, regardless of whether they are accepted or not. The department’s internal register will be published on the department’s website annually.

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Gifts, benefits and hospitality register

The department's gifts, benefits and hospitality register includes offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality made to departmental staff with a value over $50, whether accepted or not.

The register will be published on this website annually.