Victorian Government Departments and agencies charge a range of fees for services and regulatory purposes, including licensing and registering certain activities; and fines for improper conduct, and to discourage unlawful behaviour.

Fees and fines are officially set and revised by legislation relevant to their application.

The Victorian Government has a policy of automatically indexing certain fees and fines each year for inflation, so that the value of those fees and fines is maintained.

View the list of the automatically indexed fees and fines which are the responsibility of Department of Health and Human Services and which contribute to the Victorian Government’s consolidated revenue:

Fines and penalties

Fees and charges


Non emergency patient transport fees on Health.vic website


Private hospital health establishments on Health.vic website


Although the department has sought to make the lists as accurate and complete as possible, updates and revisions may be necessary.

For information about the operation or payment of specific fees or fines, please contact the department. These lists are not intended as a guide to specific fees and fines.

Visit the Department of Treasury and Finance website to find links to lists from other departments.