The aim of this protocol is to document effective referral pathways between Victoria Police, family violence services funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and Family Safety Victoria and victims of crime support services funded by the Department of Justice and Regulation, so that victims are better protected and family violence is reduced over time.

This protocol outlines the approaches for:

  • Formal and informal referrals by police for victims of family violence to family violence and other services
  • Assessing the risk to any child or young person who is present, has witnessed or is affected by a family violence incident, and referring that child or young person to appropriate support services
  • Formal and informal referrals by police for perpetrators of family violence to services
  • Referral by family violence services for police assistance.

This version has been updated to add Family Safety Victoria as a Party and reflect statewide changes to the service system, such as the establishment of Support and Safety Hubs, the introduction of the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme and the enhanced after-hours crisis response model.