The Aboriginal health and human services workforce strategic action plan 2018-2019 (the Plan) is a commitment of Korin Korin Balit-Djak and details how the Victorian Government, Aboriginal organisations and the health and human services sector to work in partnership on all aspects of workforce development design and priority setting for Aboriginal organisations.

The Aboriginal health and human services workforce strategic action plan 2018-2019 is:

  • Self-determined
  • Targeted to meet the needs of Aboriginal communities
  • Driven by Aboriginal workforces, organisations and communities from evidence and learning of what works.

The Plan identifies the first-year priority actions to be undertaken in 2018–2019 and provides the mechanism for achieving measurable progress towards five strategic elements:

  1. Grow the Aboriginal workforce within Aboriginal organisations and extend the capacity and capability of the workforce to meet the needs of Victorian Aboriginal communities.
  2. Meet the needs and aspirations of Aboriginal people through increased career pathways across all areas of the health and human services sector.
  3. Enable leadership development within Aboriginal workforces, organisations and communities.
  4. Ensure that Aboriginal knowledge and practices drives research, workforce development and service design.
  5. Ensure that education providers and Aboriginal organisations work together to meet the needs of the Aboriginal workforce.

The work over the next 12 months will contribute towards the achievement of the following long-term success:

  • An Aboriginal community-controlled sector that is adequately resourced, an employer of choice for Aboriginal people, and leading the provision of quality health and human services to meet the health, wellbeing and aspirations of Aboriginal Victorians.
  • A qualified, highly skilled and recognised Aboriginal workforce with rewarding careers at all levels in Aboriginal organisations and health and human services organisations.

For more information, see Korin Korin Balit Djak.