Information about permitted workplaces in the public administration and safety sector operating under current restrictions.

In permitted workplaces:

  • If you can work from home, you must work from home.
  • If your employees can work from home, you must support them to work from home.
  • You need a permit to leave home for work and the permit requires your employer to state you cannot work remotely.
  • Any onsite functions must operate under the minimum obligations to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) including have a COVIDSafe Plan in place.
  • For operational guidance and frequently asked questions for businesses and industries visit Business Victoria.

This information is subject to the Directions of Victoria’s Chief Health Officer.

Permitted industries Announcement date Effective from
Public administration where it cannot be undertaken from home (including Medicare and Centrelink). This includes electorate offices where up to two staff plus the Member of Parliament can be on site to ensure the minimal functioning of the electorate office. Saturday 8 August 11.59pm Saturday 8 August
Justice (see below specific detail) Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 
Law enforcement Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 
Defence and national security (including defence contractors for allied governments) Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 
Public order, safety and regulatory services Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 
Emergency services, including bushfire prevention and management including relief services Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 
Road and maritime services Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 

Justice Specific:

  • Judges, Associate-Judges, Judicial Registrars, Magistrates, Coroners, Tribunal Members and their offices for urgent or priority court or tribunal matters determined by the relevant head of jurisdiction, including for bail, family violence, remand, child protection, warrants and urgent guardianships, human rights or residential tenancies issues or any other priority matters
  • To the extent necessary to support the functioning of the court, tribunal and dispute services mentioned above:
    • Director of Public Prosecutions and the Office of Public Prosecutions
    • Defence lawyers, Victoria Legal Aid, the Child Protection litigation office, Aboriginal legal services and other legal assistance providers
    • Courts Services Victoria, court support services and court registry services including security, cleaning and interpreter services
    • Other lawyers
    • Bail justices
    • Office of the Public Advocate guardians for high priority, highly vulnerable citizens and relevant staff
    • Justices of the Peace only as urgently required noting the voluntary nature of their role
  • All systems support, maintenance and operation services required for DJCS and Victoria Police to support, maintain and operate Births, Deaths and Marriages, fixed traffic and mobile traffic cameras and Fines Victoria systems
  • Administration of justice matters by legal practitioners for their clients where the matter cannot be undertaken reasonably and/or the client cannot participate reasonably in an online communication, teleconference or by means of an audio-visual link facility.
  • Required pathology and forensic services
Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 

Correctional and youth justice facilities, community justice services, and ancillary justice services:

  • Prisons, correctional facilities and other places of custody
  • Facilities and services for parolees, people on post-sentence supervision and detention orders, and people on community corrections orders
  • Adult Parole Board and its supporting secretariat
  • Post Sentence Authority
  • Operation of youth justice facilities, and the provision of services, supports and supervision to children and young people in such facilities
  • Youth Parole Board and its supporting secretariat
  • Facilities and services provided for children and young people who are in Youth Justice on a supervised community order, on supervised or intensive bail, on a youth parole order, or participating in the Children’s Court Youth Diversion Service
  • Facilities or services specifically funded or provided by government for children and young people who are at risk of entering Youth Justice
  • Any health or medical services (including required for any of the previous functions under this heading)
Monday 3 August 11.59pm Wednesday 5 August 

Council specific:

  • Emergency asset work that would impact substantially or create risk to the community if it is not undertaken
  • Essential environmental health functions that protect the health and wellbeing of the community
  • Essential / high risk local law enforcement
  • Community support services required to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people, including:
    • essential public support services, such as a food bank or a service for homeless persons; and
    • essential support groups, such as those related to alcohol and drugs, family violence and parenting (with a maximum of 10 people).
Thursday 20 August 11.59pm Thursday 20 August