Delivering a vibrant future for local tenants and communities, the redevelopment site at Bangs Street, Prahran, is 5km from the CBD in the City of Stonnington, and close to Prahran and Windsor railway stations, and multiple tram and bus routes, hospitals, education facilities, employment and support services.
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About the project

The redevelopment site at Bangs Street will offer increased housing opportunities for more Victorians than ever before, with a range of new and improved housing.

The buildings on the site, known as ‘walk-ups’, were built in the 1960s and are no longer suitable for the current needs of Victoria’s social housing tenants and families.

Currently 120 dwellings on the Bangs Street site are 4, 5-storey walk-ups. These will be replaced by a minimum of 132 new social and about 132 private housing dwellings. The private housing component of the redevelopment will help fund the project to establish and grow diverse communities.

The new homes will be modern and accessible, safe, secure and energy efficient, and built to meet the needs of tenants today and into the future.

Benefits of the project include:

  • Renewed open public spaces including community gardens
  • Buildings carefully designed to make the most of the open space and avoid overshadowing
  • Environmentally efficient design, meaning the homes will be more comfortable as well as less expensive to heat and cool carrying a 5-star Green Star rating and a 7-star NatHERS average rating
  • Better access through the Bangs Street area for pedestrians, including a pedestrian link running east-west through the site that meets Stonnington City Council’s pedestrian access plans
  • Durable, high-quality materials to be used in public spaces (including furniture, surface materials, lighting, and landscaping) to reflect the history and character of the area.

Town planning history

The Bangs Street site is part of the larger Prahran Housing Precinct.

In 2010, the Department of Health and Human Services commenced a master planning process for public housing renewal in Prahran. The master planning involved significant consultation with the community and stakeholders.

In December 2016, the Minister for Planning approved the Prahran Housing Precinct Development Plan (PDF).

A development partner is now being sought for the Bangs Street project. Once one is secured, the next step will be to prepare a planning permit application.


Demolition works are being undertaken in collaboration with contracted demolition specialists.

The health, safety and wellbeing of surrounding residents and site contractors is a high priority for the department, with measures in place to ensure all works are carried out to the highest safety standards.

Contractors will work across the site methodically, ensuring all works cause the least possible disturbance to neighbouring residents and local businesses.

The department will notify renewal site tenants, local residents and businesses as works commence on the site. All demolition works are carried out by adhering to the highest environmental standards to protect public health and safety.

Consultative Committee

Community engagement is an important element of Public Housing Renewal Program. The department has established a Consultative Committee for the redevelopment of the Prahran site.

The committee, chaired by Judith Klepner, brings together important community members and representatives of local organisations to provide advice on the redevelopment of the site. It enables ongoing and two-way feedback through participation with community and the stakeholders.

Members of the committee provide advice and feedback on redevelopment plans and identify local issues and matters of concern as they arise. Members will communicate the progress of the redevelopment back to their communities to support the successful delivery of the project.

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