Our values underpin everything we do as we work together to enhance the health and wellbeing of all Victorians.

They guide our behaviour and work practices, and they influence how we interact with colleagues, partner organisations, clients, patients and other Victorians.

We are respectful

  • We treat people with fairness, objectivity, and courtesy
  • We listen and communicate honestly and clearly
  • We seek to understand others' perspectives, experiences and contributions
  • We recognise and value people's diversity, equality and human rights.

We have integrity

  • We are trustworthy, and we do what we say we will do
  • We are professional in all our dealings with others
  • We stay true to our values when it's easy and when it's difficult.

We collaborate

  • We help each other as colleagues
  • We generously share our knowledge, expertise and skills
  • We work in partnership with people and organisations to find the best approach
  • We are inclusive and seek people's input and involvement.

We care for people, families and communities

  • We involve people in decisions that affect their lives
  • We value our colleagues, and we develop and support them to be resilient and effective
  • We have empathy for people and seek to understand their perspectives
  • We support and empower people through our work.

We are accountable

  • We each take ownership of the quality and demonstrable impacts of our work
  • We ensure that our decisions and actions are evidence-based and outcomes-focused
  • We are careful about and transparent in how we use public resources.

We are innovative

  • We are flexible, creative and responsive to changing needs
  • We have the courage to take informed risks and try something new
  • We are reflective and seek feedback to inform and shape our work.