The Office of Professional Practice provides practice leadership and development, fosters continuous improvement in service delivery and encourages practice excellence among Victorian health and human service professionals.
The office is focused on working with professionals to ensure practice occurs with the foremost regards for the safety and wellbeing of all clients.
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The Office of Professional Practice plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and consistency of practice across the operations divisions, including providing advice and assistance on complex cases.

Practice excellence is a critical component of client outcomes and quality service delivery. The office has a focus on both ensuring support and advice is in the best interests of children and is consistent with legislation while developing the workforce practice capability. 

The office includes the Victorian Senior Practitioner Disability, State-wide Principal Practitioner Children and Families, the State-wide Principal Practitioner Child Protection, the State-wide Principal Practitioner Aboriginal Children and Families and the State-wide Principal Practitioner Family Violence. They support professionals to adopt leading practice approaches and to provide effective care for the safety of all clients. 

The office is led by the Chief Practitioner Human Services and Director, whose role it is to enable timely and authoritative advice on practice matters in relation to child protection and disability services.

Functions of the office

  • It leads and contributes to research and service development initiatives within the organisation and in collaboration with other leading institutions
  • It takes a leading role for promoting a learning culture that integrates evidence-based practice and critical reflection
  • It provides advice and direction to the service sector in the respective fields.
  • It delivers practice leadership in child protection, family violence and disability sector
  • It provides operational service delivery to Secure Welfare Services and the Disability Forensic Assessment and Treatment Service
  • It works to support the rights of people subject to restrictive interventions and compulsory treatment, through the Senior Practitioner – Disability, and develops standards in relation to these services.

Other functions include:

  • Responding to behaviours of concern
  • Driving practice improvements through data analysis 
  • Supporting workforce capability
  • Modelling practice leadership.

Further information

If you have any concerns about the safety of a child go to the Reporting child abuse and neglect page on this website.

Victorian Senior Practitioner

The Victorian Senior Practitioner is responsible for ensuring that the rights of persons who are subject to restrictive interventions and compulsory treatment are protected, and that appropriate standards in relation to restrictive interventions and compulsory treatment are complied with.

For more information, see the Victorian Senior Practitioner.

Child Protection

The Child Protection teams in the Office of Professional Practice provide a range of supports, information and services to promote the development of practice for the Victorian child protection program. The OPP publishes the Chief Practitioner's monthly Good Practice Bulletins and publishes the annual Good Practice snapshot. The OPP undertakes case reviews on individual children and cohorts of children at risk. Key portfolios areas are:

  • Practice frameworks and risk assessment tools and guidance
  • Child protection practice resources
  • Coordination of the department's response to child death inquires
  • Child sexual exploitation
  • Family law court and Victoria Police liaison
  • Coordinating referrals for sex offender and family violence assessments to Forensicare
  • Information exchange with the Department of Justice and Community Safety for Community Corrections and Restricted Access Prisoners.

Consultation requests for Child Protection

If you would like to consult with someone from the Child Protection team, use these consultation request forms.



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