In April 2018, a review of the Victorian regulatory framework for assisted reproductive treatment commenced

On 6 April 2018 the Minister for Health announced the appointment of Mr Michael Gorton AM to undertake a 12 month review of the Victorian regulatory framework for assisted reproductive treatment.

In announcing the review, the Minister acknowledged that since the last review of laws governing assisted reproductive treatment in 2007, technology, community attitudes and supply and demand for treatment have evolved significantly.

Some of the issues to be considered by the review relate to:

  • Whether there are adequate safeguards to protect consumers using or intending to use assisted reproductive treatment services
  • Whether the regulatory framework remains appropriate within an evolving market for assisted reproductive treatment
  • Whether the evolving market and regulatory framework has implications for access and affordability of assisted reproductive treatment services.

The review will be informed by a public consultation process. Further information will be provided shortly on the review page about how you can have input to the review.

Terms of reference for the review

For more information, visit the review's terms of reference page on health.vic.

Ministerial announcement

Read the Minister’s press release announcing the review via the Premier's website.

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