Today marks the launch of the Department of Health and Human Services’ disability action plan 2018–2020.

The plan sets out the department’s approach towards becoming a truly inclusive work place and service environment.

There are more than one million Victorians with disability – that’s one in five people.

Only 53 per cent of people with disability are represented in the workforce, compared with 83 per cent without disability, and people with disability still experience discrimination in their everyday life.

The plan sets out what we will do to make our workplace, services, and programs more accessible to people with disability and ensure they are equitable, inclusive, and safe.

It includes 28 action areas to reflect the department’s commitment to an inclusive Victoria.

As a major employer and service provider we want to lead the way. We have a responsibility to address the barriers that get in the way of people being able to access the opportunities and services that allow them to live the lives they want.

It will be supported by yearly implementation plans and complements work already underway through our strategic plan. Delivering on our disability employment strategy 2018-2020 is one of the key actions of the plan.

Through the plan, we will make disability inclusion our core business, now and into the future.

To read the plan and find out more, see the Disability action plan 2018-2020.

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