The #OrangeCard social platform gives Victorians a way to speak up, speak out and become a genuine part of the solution to family violence.

Family violence has devastating consequences in families and between intimate partners.

The Victoria Against Violence campaign, now in its fourth year, kicks off on Sunday, 25 November. It calls on all Victorians to change the culture that drives family violence.

Thanks to awareness-raising campaigns, Victorians understand more than ever the effect family violence has on individuals, families and communities.

This year’s campaign introduces the #OrangeCard, inspired by the penalty system in soccer. Orange is the universal colour representing the global movement to end violence against women.

By calling out real life examples of sexism, disrespectful behaviour and discrimination with the #OrangeCard, we can change the conversation. And if we can change the conversation, we can change the culture that drives family violence.

Alongside this campaign, Victoria is tackling family violence through our first gender equality strategy Safe and Strong, and our world-leading family violence prevention strategy, Free From Violence.

Together, we can create a Victoria free from violence.

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