It's normal to have strong emotional or physical reactions following traumatic incidents like the distressing event on Bourke Street mall.

Sunday 20 January marks two years since the Bourke Street tragedy. Many of our staff, particularly from Central office, were directly and indirectly involved in the incident and its response.

People who experience traumatic and distressing events like Bourke Street may still have strong emotional or physical reactions when they are reminded of it. 

As the anniversary approaches, people may experience different emotional and physical reactions. These feelings are normal and on most occasions, will subside again within a few weeks as part of the body’s natural healing and recovery process.

There are strategies you can use to cope with these strong feelings. These include:

  • Accepting that you have had a distressing or frightening experience
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Talking with friends, family and other community members.

You can find more coping strategies on the Trauma and recovery section of the Better Health Channel website. 

Children and young people can react to trauma very differently to adults, and often in surprising ways. For information on how to talk to children and young people about trauma:

Trauma and children – tips for parents
Trauma and teenagers – tips for parents

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