For businesses seeking information on the basic principles of calling for tenders and proposals.

These general principles apply when calling tenders. Clients must:

  • Conduct tendering honestly and fairly to all parties by treating all parties in the same manner
  • Comply with all statutory obligations, including trade practices and consumer affairs legislation
  • Refrain from seeking or submitting tenders without an intention to proceed
  • Have regard to the cost of bidding and seek to constrain such cost
  • Apply the same conditions of tendering for each tenderer and avoid any practice which gives one party an improper advantage over another
  • Refrain from practices such as collusion on tenders
  • Be prepared to attest to the probity of the process, including that related to issues concerning collusive practices and conflict of interest, by statutory declaration
  • Produce tender documents that specify the principal’s requirements clearly to allow tenderers to accurately price the works.

The Department of Health and Human Services manages all its tenders and proposals via the Victorian Government Tenders System website.