The Human Services Regulator Unit promotes and protects the safety and human rights of people who receive human services that are funded and/or regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services.

About the Human Services Regulator Unit

The Human Services Regulator Unit is responsible for leading and implementing the regulatory role of the department’s Secretary arising from the:

In addition, the Human Services Regulator Unit is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Human Services Standards and related independent review processes for department funded family violence and homelessness services.

The current Director of the Human Services Regulator Unit is Anthony Kolmus. The unit sits within the Health and Human Services Regulation and Reform branch, Regulation Health Protection and Emergency Management division of the department.

The Human Services Regulator unit has 3 teams:

  1. Child Safeguarding Regulations
  2. Standards and Regulation (including Supported Residential Services Regulations)
  3. Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement.

What we do

Our primary aim is to protect the safety, wellbeing and human rights of people who receive services bound by the following regulatory schemes:

The Regulatory Compliance and Enforcement team enables the Human Services Regulator to deliver a state-wide regulatory compliance and enforcement program by:

  • Conducting regular inspections of supported residential services and investigating matters of concern relating to other sectors
  • Responding to notifications and monitoring risk
  • Making certain that regulated entities meet legislative requirements and, as relevant, imposing appropriate sanctions.

Our approach

The Human Services Regulator Unit uses an evidence-led, risk-based approach to regulating in-scope organisations. We are collaborative, consistent, efficient, outcomes-focused, proportionate and transparent.

The Human Services Regulator works closely with peak bodies and other regulators to ensure that services are delivered safely across a range of sectors. These stakeholders include:

The Human Services Regulator’s approach to promoting and monitoring the regulatory compliance of in-scope organisations is outlined in the department's:

More information

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