Victorians want a health system that we can both be proud of and rely on, now and into the future.
Health and wellbeing facts
In the 2018-19 budget, $4.2 billion is committed to ensure Victorians get the best care, from the best professionals, in the best facilities
We’ve already provided more than $3 billion to provide Victorians with state-of-the-art facilities
Victoria has 122 hospital and health services (including multiple campuses of some hospitals) 86 of these covering rural and regional Victoria
Victoria leads the world in innovative health system design, training of staff, use of cutting edge medical technology and the construction of state-of-the-art new hospitals
The sector currently employs more than 20,000 people and generates more than $10 billion annually
About health and wellbeing

Victoria already has one of the best health systems in the world however, by 2051, Victoria’s population will grow to nearly 10 million. This growth, along with an ageing population and increases in chronic disease, will place greater demand on our health system.

People living with disability or mental illness, Aboriginal Victorians, or those from culturally and linguistically diverse communities also have unique health needs to be met.

Victorian’s living in rural and regional areas may experience poorer access to health services. This, combined with other factors such as patterns of employment, industry restructuring and poorer transport links, can mean they experience worse health and wellbeing outcomes.

For more information on Korin Korin Balit-Djak: Aboriginal health, wellbeing and safety strategic plan 2017–2027 on the Health.vic website.

Investing in health infrastructure so Victorians can get the treatment and care they need, regardless of their postcode

We have already invested more than $3 billion in a range of health infrastructure projects, that will provide Victorians with state-of-the-art facilities to help address these challenges.

We’re building new facilities in our fastest-growing areas and rural and regional Victoria, so people can get high quality treatment and care, closer to home.

We’re integrating health and social services, so Victorian’s living with chronic disease can get treatment and care in the one place.

Also, we’re investing in world-leading research centres so that our brightest minds can continue to excel and save Victorian lives.

Supporting a capable workforce to adapt to community’s changing health care needs

We are supporting our doctors, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and other healthcare workers so they have the right skills and support. Also so that they are able to work in an environment of safety and respect.

Our healthcare system must also adapt so it can manage increases in chronic disease and the demands of both a growing, and ageing population. To address this, we are implementing ambitious reforms that will effect people working in family violence, children and family services, disability, mental health and Aboriginal health and wellbeing.

Further information on Community health services can be found on the Health.vic website.

Providing high quality healthcare that is safe

No-one should experience avoidable harm while in our hospitals, so we are investing considerable resources to strengthen hospital quality and safety systems for this reason.

To keep Victorians safe in our hospitals, we’ve invested nearly $30 million so that the care provided by our doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers is underpinned by the highest quality and safety standards.

Actions and outcomes

Putting safety first with some of the world's most comprehensive patient ratios

Action: The Safe Patient Care Act 2015 (nurse to patient and midwife to patient ratios) will help ensure ratios are maintained in public hospitals.

Outcome: This act has been enacted and legislated.

Responding to Target Zero – improving quality and safety

Action: Investing $30 million to improve quality and safety through the establishment of:

  • Safer Care Victoria – staffed by clinicians and researchers, overseeing and supporting health services to provide safe, high-quality care to patients every time, everywhere
  • Victorian Agency for Health Information – overhauling quality and safety across Victoria's public healthcare system.


Both Safer Care Victoria and the Agency for Health Information have been established.

Massive investment in health infrastructure: Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Action: The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre building opened in June 2016, delivering a purpose-built facility for cancer research, treatment and education.

The centre features space for up to 1,200 researchers, who work with cancer clinicians and their patients, translating research discoveries into new treatments for cancer.

Outcome: Improved outcomes for Victorian’s who are affected by cancer.