First Step

11.59pm on 13 September 2020

First Step commences at 11.59pm on 13 September

What you need to know

Victoria is moving towards reopening. Restrictions are changing as part of the steps to reopening. 

  • The steps to reopening can be found in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap to reopening.
  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September restrictions are changing for metropolitan Melbourne. Metropolitan Melbourne is moving to the First Step towards reopening.
  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September the curfew is changing to 9pm until 5am. You must be at your home during the curfew hours. The only reasons to leave home between 9pm and 5am will be work (if you are a permitted worker), medical care and caregiving or in an emergency.
  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September changes to restrictions allow you to exercise or socialise outdoors for up to two hours a day which can be split across two sessions. You are allowed to socialise with either with one friend or your household.
  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September people who live alone or are single parents can form a social bubble.
  • From 11:59pm on Sunday 13 September the directions clarify that professional respite carers can enter homes to provide respite, including for people with complex needs
  • You can leave home for four reasons, with limitations:
    • shopping for food or other essential items 
    • exercise (applies to outdoor exercise, and with only one other person) 
    • permitted work
    • caregiving, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment also remains a permitted reason to leave home.

As much as you can, you must stay at home. When you leave home, you must use a face covering, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so.

What you can do now