Our FAQ helps you understand the new closures and restrictions

How many people can enter a retail premises at the one time?

Retailers who stay open must manage the entry and exit of customers to maintain a total occupancy of no more than 1 person for every 4 square metres of floorspace.

What other obligations do retailers have if they stay open?

Retailers must display a sign showing the maximum number of people permitted on the premises based on the occupancy rule of no more than 1 person for every 4 square metres of floorspace.

Businesses that remain open must observe stricter hygiene and cleaning practices throughout opening hours, especially for frequently touched surfaces. These include fixtures such as benchtops, counters, door handles, touch screens and EFTPOS equipment.

Can my family or friends play sport in the park?

The government’s objective is to prevent large gatherings of any kind. A hit of cricket, a kick of the footy or a game of soccer in the park represents a risk of transmission between the participants, and you should rethink these activities for now.

Why can't I sit down to eat at a food court?

Many people pass through a food court, and there are tabletops, chairs and other surfaces that represent a risk of transmitting coronavirus. Restricting food court operations to just takeaway reduces that risk.

Are there any restrictions on family birthday parties or other celebrations held at home?

They’re not prohibited, but any gathering of people, whether at home or any other venue is a risk for transmitting coronavirus and should be avoided, especially for the safety and wellbeing of elderly relatives.

Even though I can't sell at auction, can I still sell my home privately?

Yes, but open-for-inspections must be strictly by appointment.

Will shopping centres and malls remain open?

Yes, although some of the attractions within those shopping centres such as arcades and play centres will be closed.

Who can attend a funeral?

Mourners can be any combination of family and friends, within the maximum of ten mourners in total.

Can I go camping during these school holidays?

You should reconsider all travel plans at this time. Campsites, caravan parks and other accommodation will be closed.

How are these measures being enforced?

Victoria Police has established a squad of 500 officers to enforce these containment measures. These officers will be out in the community doing spot checks to enforce the ban on gatherings.