See coronavirus (COVID-19) family violence resources.

Guidance for coronavirus (COVID-19) planning in the family violence and sexual assault sector

Community services organisations need to undertake significant planning relating to workforce and service delivery as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This planning includes the impacts on workforces, service delivery modes and service delivery prioritisation. Agencies should use these guidelines to inform ongoing planning for their services, and to navigate to the most recent overarching pandemic instructions including COVIDsafe planning, personal protective equipment guidelines and service modification requirements outlined in the coronavirus (COVID-19) roadmap to reopening.

These guidelines replace the guidelines published in April and July 2020. The business continuity planning section from the April 2020 guidelines has been included in this document as appendix one.

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with DHHS’s Guidance for coronavirus (COVID-19) planning in the community services sector, providing overarching guidance to inform more detailed pandemic response planning at the sector and organisational level and support the development of business continuity plans.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Question and Answers (Q&A) for Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services

Coronavirus (COVID-19) specific information for organisations providing specialist family violence and sexual assault services including The Orange Door, Refuges, Sexual Assault and Perpetrator services.

Program requirements for Family Violence Crisis Brokerage (FVCB)

Family Violence Crisis Brokerage (previously referred to as Housing Establishment Funds) supports specialist family violence services to respond to family violence and potential increasing demand associated with coronavirus (COVID-19).

Perpetrator services

Guidelines have been prepared primarily for organisations providing perpetrator interventions.