The land located at 24 - 42 Dunlop Avenue is part of the Ascot Vale Estate.
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The Dunlop Avenue site will be the first to be redeveloped ahead of the balance of the Ascot Vale Estate. It will demonstrate good design and build the confidence of public housing tenants and the community for any future redevelopment of the broader Ascot Vale Estate.

The existing walk-up buildings will be demolished and replaced by 88 new public housing homes, 11 homes for first home buyers and 101 market-rate homes. The new homes will be modern and accessible, safe, secure and energy efficient, and built to meet the needs of tenants today and into the future.

A planning permit application has been lodged with Council.  

Consultation on Dunlop Avenue commenced in late 2017 and was completed in late 2018. Consultation sought feedback from the community about the redevelopment. Based on the feedback received, we have:

  • reduced the number of dwellings to from 240 to 200
  • reduced the building height from four to three storeys
  • increased the number of buildings from 4 to 6 to create a visual break and to allow for more landscaping between buildings
  • reduced the number of balconies facing north towards the backyards of homes in Francis Street (24% of all dwellings)
  • provided landscape buffer along the northern boundary and increased the setback to 10 metres from Francis Street properties.
  • designed the buildings around existing high value trees
  • not used the rear laneway for vehicle access

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Project timeline

  • Information gathering - Complete
  • Preliminary consultation on draft design - Complete
  • Lodge planning permit with council - Complete
  • Council formal notice period - Complete
  • Town planning approval - End 2019
Dunlop Avenue project timeline

Town planning

A planning permit application for the redevelopment has been lodged with Moonee Valley City Council (reference no. MV/352/2019). 

The Council is responsible for determining if a permit should be granted for the redevelopment.

As part of this process, the application was ‘advertised' for 14 days under the provisions of the Planning and Environment Act, 1987, and Council wrote to adjoining landowners and occupiers. 

An ‘advertised’ application is a planning permit application that is on exhibition for public viewing. Written comments can be submitted to Council for their consideration prior to making a determination on the application.

A copy of the application (plans, elevations and supporting reports) is available on Council’s online register.

Council’s website will provide details of the progress of the application, and of any relevant public meetings.

Frequently asked questions

How has the local community contributed to the design of Dunlop Avenue?

The first phase of engagement was delivered between October 2017 and March 2018 the local community expressed a number of concerns regarding the proposed development. These concerns have been considered and a number of changes have been made to the final design. The table below summarises these concerns and how they have been responded to.

Design feature Initial plan Community concerns Revised plan Summary of changes based on engagement
Number of dwellings 240 dwellings Concerns about density 200 dwellings 40 fewer dwellings
Building height Four storey buildings Concerns about height and overlooking Three storey buildings Building height has been reduced by one storey to current building height levels.
There are fewer buildings that overlook Francis Street properties (24% of all dwellings).
Vehicle access to the site Access into the site through laneway to the north Concerns about access into the estate via the laneway to the north of the site Three access points: two through Dunlop Avenue, one through Rothwell Street Changed the access points into the site so that the rear laneway is not used
Car parking Car-parking locations associated to having four buildings Concerns about loss of mature trees Location of basements have been chosen so that root systems of mature trees unimpacted Impacts to mature trees have been minimised.
15 trees of high and moderate value will be retained.
Building layout Layout and size of four buildings Concerns about loss of mature trees Building layout has been designed to protect a number of significant mature trees onsite. 36 moderate value trees will be replaced with 217 new trees.
Setback Planning scheme requires a setback of nine metres Concerns about overlooking Ten metre setbacks One metre more setback than planning scheme requirement


Who approves the planning permit for Dunlop Avenue?

Moonee Valley City Council is responsible for determining if a permit should be granted for the redevelopment. The application was lodged in May 2019 (reference no. MV/352/2019).

Can I see the planning permit application and comment on it?

Yes. Once Council commences advertising, a copy of the application (plans, elevations and supporting reports) will be available on Council’s online register.

Is there anywhere I can view hard copies of the plans?

If you are having trouble accessing or viewing the plans, you can view them on the computers provided at the Moonee Valley Civic Centre, 9 Kellaway Avenue Moonee Ponds (between 8.30am–5pm Monday to Friday).

Hard copies are also available to view at the Wingate Avenue Community Centre, 13A Wingate Ave, Ascot Vale or at the Ascot Vale Housing Office at 12 Churchill Ave, Ascot Vale VIC 3032

Who can submit comments on the application?

Anyone can submit comments to the planning application (reference no. MV/352/2019). You can do so electronically on Council’s online register. Select the application and click 'submit response'.

When will demolition of the buildings on Dunlop Avenue occur?

Demolition is due to commence in late 2019. The demolition works will be undertaken continuously with the demolition contractor methodically working their way across the whole site.

Neighbours will be notified before demolition works commence on the site.

Why has the proposed open space been removed from the plans?

Council through the planning permit application process have indicated a preference for a cash contribution and not a land contribution for open space. The department will pay the relevant levy to Council who use this to provide parks (public open space) in the area.

Fact sheets and supporting documents

Project updates

The Ascot Vale Estate Renewal Project update provides an update on the Dunlop Avenue renewal and the Ascot Vale Estate Vision.

Fact sheets

The following fact sheets were prepared in 2018 to support the engagement process for the renewal of Dunlop Avenue. Some information contained in them may be out of date:

External reports


To register for project updates, send your details to

Project contact
Jessica Tulloch, Principal Project Manager
(03) 9096 5898

Ascot Vale estate residents contact
Mark Corbett, Tenant Engagement and Relocations Officer
0447 842 369

Further information for estate residents about relocations can be found on the HousingVic website.