Read about coronavirus (COVID-19) advice, directions and support for the disability sector.

Priority processing of coronavirus (COVID-19) tests

Staff and residents of disability residential services who have symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are considered a high priority when it comes to testing for coronavirus (COVID-19). This means the tests will be processed quickly and the results will be returned within 24 to 48 hours.

Daily staff attestations - Coronavirus (COVID-19) fact sheet for disability residential services

Disability residential service providers should implement daily attestations by staff that they are symptom-free prior to commencing a shift or day’s work. This is to ensure that staff are not working while unwell.

Workforce Restrictions - Coronavirus (COVID-19) fact sheet for disability service providers 

This factsheet outlines the requirements for disability service providers and workers under the Permitted Worker and Childcare Permit Scheme Directions (Permitted Worker Directions) and Workplace Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer in accordance with powers arising from the declared state of emergency.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Plan for the disability services sector

The plan is designed to enable disability service providers to continue essential services to people with disability.

This advice gives guidance on how the disability sector can operate and prioritise their efforts in this current stage of the coronavirus (COVID-19) response.

The department encourages you to always view the plan online as it will be updated regularly.

Disability support workers – face masks at work

Frequently asked questions for disability support workers.

Additional support for people with disability

A funding package of $17 million will help support the needs of Victorians with disability during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

People with disability face increased risks at this time, particularly those with underlying chronic health conditions and high support needs.

This funding will help improve access to health services, provide more respite care for families, and support the recruitment of new workers to the disability sector.

Further information and considerations specific to people with disability and the people that care for them is available on the Information for people with disability - coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

Isolation management in disability accommodation settings

These documents provide isolation management information and practice advice to service providers who support people with disability.

Care facilities directions

The Chief Health Officer is restricting access to facilities where vulnerable Victorians live and receive care. This will help protect elderly people, those with disability, people experiencing homelessness, and children and young people in secure welfare services from the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). People who live in these care facilities are especially vulnerable to the transmission of coronavirus, and may be critically at-risk if exposed.

See Visiting care facilities for more information or Directions issued by the Chief Health Officer to read the Care facilities direction.

Disability services senior practitioner practice advice

These documents provide information and practice advice to senior practitioners and service providers who support people with disability.

Information for disability service providers

Guidance on important requirements and supports available to deliver services to people with disability.