Disability workers focus on improving the lives of people with disability and reducing their experience of disadvantage.

The department provides services for people with disability in a range of settings. These include:

  • Residential services, where people live and are supported in houses in the community
  • Larger residential facilities, including secure settings
  • Outreach services that support people to live in their own homes.

We also provide case management and specialist services like speech therapy and behaviour support services.

What does the work involve?

Workers in the disability sector provide support to people with disability and assist them to access and actively participate in the community.

This may involve:

  • Direct support – assisting people with daily life activities who may live in supported accommodation or in their own homes
  • Case management – planning and problem solving to find the right supports for people
  • Allied health – professional roles in a range of allied health areas
  • Management – support other staff, manage budgets and guide service improvement.

Want to know more?

To find out more about becoming a disability services officer email careers@dhhs.vic.gov.au

For more information on disability services visit http://providers.dhhs.vic.gov.au/disability web page.