We provide individual support and supported accommodation services, helping people with a disability to live independently and participate in community life.
Disability facts
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) started rolling out in July 2016
In Victoria, the National Disability Insurance Agency estimates the disability workforce will grow by around 76 per cent as the NDIS rolls out
The amount of funding for disability supports will double under the NDIS
About disability

One in five Victorians has a disability. Our vision is of an inclusive Victoria, one that supports people with a disability to live satisfying lives.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a once-in-a-generation reform, changing the way disability services are funded and accessed in Victoria. Ensuring all people with disability get the support and services they need and deserve.

The NDIS will mean better outcomes for people with disability, as they now have greater choice and control over the services and decisions affecting their lives.

We are making sure Victoria has a place for everyone, and that people living with a disability have the opportunities they deserve.

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Actions and outcomes

National Disability Insurance Scheme transition

The NDIS is a once-in-a-generation reform, delivering better outcomes for people with a disability. Supporting the implementation and the transition of Victorians with a disability to the NDIS is a key priority.

Action: $36.3 million to further support the transition of Victorians to the NDIS.

Outcome: Support to prepare Victoria for the NDIS, including workforce development, education and training.

Essential Support Packages

We aim to improve the quality of life for people with a disability, by providing a broad range of supports and community services.

Action: $19.9 million to provide additional packages of essential supports for young adults to participate in the community.

Outcome: An additional 256 packages of essential supports for young people needing assistance to participate in the community after they leave school.

Disability Services Commissioner

The Disability Services Commissioner is an independent oversight body, resolving complaints and promoting the rights of people with a disability to be free from abuse.

Action: $8.7 million for an increase in the oversight powers of the Disability Services Commissioner.

Outcome: New changes under the Disability Amendment Act 2017 to give the Commissioner greater oversight of the sector, and better prevent abuse of people with a disability.

State disability plan

Absolutely everyone is the state disability plan of the Victorian Government. This plan tackles the negative attitudes and barriers that more than one million Victorians with a disability deal with on a daily basis.

Action: $2.6 million to build another 26 Changing Places facilities across Victoria.

Outcome: Changing Places facilities are now operating at Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Victoria Park (Ballarat), St Kilda Life Saving Club, and a mobile Marveloo is operated by Maroondah City Council.

New Changing Places sites announced at Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Open Range Zoo

Action: $1.5 million in Disability Advocacy Innovation Fund grants to support people with a disability to access advocacy services.

Outcome: Grants allocated to disability advocacy organisations to deliver 21 initiatives which support Victorians with a disability to access an advocate when they need it.