Media Release
01 December 2020

Victoria has recorded no new cases of coronavirus since yesterday and there are no cases currently active. The total confirmed cases in Victoria remains at 20,345.

This is the 32nd straight day where Victoria has recorded zero daily cases. There were no new deaths and the state’s death toll stands at 820.

Late yesterday DHHS was notified of an indeterminate result in a woman in her 20s. The initial test was a weak positive and a second test was negative. The case is isolating due to an abundance of caution pending a further test and assessment by the expert review panel today.

A total of 3,581,144 test results have been received in Victoria which is an increase of 6874 since yesterday.

Despite Victoria recording more than a month of zero daily cases, it is still vitally important that anyone with even the mildest of symptoms stay home and get tested.

The Department is urging anyone with symptoms, especially if they have been in the Colac area to get tested after viral fragments of coronavirus were detected in a wastewater sample taken over a week ago.

Initial testing of wastewater taken from the Colac wastewater treatment plant on 23 November was inconclusive and further analysis of the sample was requested. The results received yesterday showed that very low levels of viral fragments were present.

People who have or have recently had COVID-19 may shed fragments of the virus and these can enter wastewater through toilets, sinks and drains.

This viral shedding may come from different sources – such as used tissues, off hands and skin, or in stools – and last for several weeks beyond a person’s infectious period.

It should serve as a reminder to all Victorians that if you have the mildest of symptoms – to get tested. Getting tested protects you and your community from the virus.

The Victorian Government is continuing to monitor the situation in South Australia and will be guided by the health advice.

A permit is required to enter Victoria from South Australia unless an exemption applies. Permits are available from the Service Victoria website.

Information regarding COVID-19 is available at the Department of Health and Human Services website or by calling 1800 675 398.

Testing site details, including opening hours, are available at Where to get tested.

More information about travel to and from South Australia is available on the DHHS website

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