The Working for Victoria – Health portal is now closed to further expressions of interest.

More than 15,000 dedicated members of Victoria’s health workforce expressed their interest in working within the Victorian health system as part of the response to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Our success in slowing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) means the significant surge workforce response originally projected is unlikely to eventuate.

However, there is an ongoing need for an outbreak response workforce that has the capacity to be deployed across the Victorian health system.

Members of the Victorian health workforce who have already registered may be called upon in the coming weeks and months to support the Victorian health system to respond to potential outbreaks.

We thank those members of our dedicated health workforce for their generosity in being willing to support the community during the pandemic.

Health services may still require the skills of a range of other non-clinical staff, such as administrative, clerical and domestic staff. Please visit the Working for Victoria site to register your interest in any other roles under the $500 million Working for Victoria Fund.

Key questions

What clinical skillsets will be of interest for potential outbreak response?

Expressions of interest were sought for all clinical skillsets – doctors (general, limited and specialist registrants), nurses, midwives, allied health professionals (therapies and sciences) and paramedics.

Successful applicants may be required to work within a modified scope of practice or within different settings to their usual practice.

This may include completing patient care tasks and interventions that are traditionally held by other professions but are based on transferable skills. It may also include telehealth activities.

When will I know if there is interest in my experience?

As an expression of interest process, the information provided by applicants will assist in identifying people as potentially suitable for further discussions regarding employment opportunities.

You may be contacted to seek further information to determine suitability for employment for a specific position.

Given the evolving needs of the pandemic response, clinicians with expertise in areas such as infection control and critical care will be initially targeted.

There are also certain geographic areas across Victoria that may be in greater need of surge staff during periods ahead.

This means that there may be people who are more suitable for certain roles, or who live closer to certain Victorian health services, that get contacted sooner.

Expressing your interest is not a guarantee that a person will be contacted or offered employment within the Victorian health system.

Members of the Victorian health workforce also have the option to apply for formally advertised vacancies that are made available by Victorian health services

When should I expect further contact?

This depends on your skill sets and where you live.

Your details will be retained until October 2020 so you may be contacted at any stage up until that time.

You can also apply for specific advertised vacancies made available by Victorian health services.

How will my information be used?

The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) collects the information that is provided via the online form.

The department has partnered with Torrens Health to help place registered candidates within the Victorian health system. Information will be provided to Torrens Health to assist in the placement of candidates within the Victorian health system.

For more information on the department’s handling of any personal information, please refer to the department’s privacy statement.

Who can I contact if I want further information about my application?

If you registered through the Working for Victoria – Health portal, please email Torrens Health or phone on 03 8823 0550 if you want further information about your application.