Second Step

11.59pm on 13 September 2020

Second Step: Cafes and restaurants - regional Victoria

Key points

From 11.59pm on Sunday 13 September 2020, if you live anywhere in regional Victoria:

  • Restaurants and cafes can continue to open for takeaway and delivery only.  
  • Food courts will continue to be closed, but restaurants and cafes within food courts can open for takeaway and food delivery. 
  • Pubs, bars, clubs and nightclubs will be closed. They can offer takeaway or home delivery of food and alcohol only. 
  • Bottle shops remain open.
Your questions answered

Do all food and drink businesses in regional Victoria have to close?

Food and drink businesses in regional Victoria, including restaurants and cafes, can only offer takeaway or delivery services. No sit-down meals or drinks are allowed. 

Workplace canteens and cafes can open for staff only. Highway cafes and truck stops can open for long-haul drivers who can dine in a dedicated section. Physical distancing and the four square metre rule  must be observed. Hospital cafeterias may not serve members of the public.

Can pubs, bars, nightclubs and hotels open?

Pubs, bars, nightclubs and hotels in regional Victoria (including Mitchell Shire) are closed. These services can still operate if serving as:

  • Bottle shops
  • Takeaway or home delivery of food and drink for people to consume off premises
  • Accommodation purposes.

Do I need to wear a face covering when picking up takeaway?

You must wear a face covering when leaving your home, unless you have a lawful reason for not doing so. Even with a face covering, you should keep at least 1.5 metres distance between yourself and others.  For more information visit the face coverings page.  

Can I order home-delivered food?

Yes, you can continue to have food home delivered. There are some actions you can take to keep yourself and others safe when having food delivered:

  • Don’t allow the delivery person to enter your home. Keep at least 1.5 metres distance when paying and taking delivery of your meal. Try to use contactless payment or prepay online if possible.
  • If you live in an apartment with a security entrance, don’t allow delivery people to enter the building. Pick up your delivery from the front of the building instead. This minimises the risk to any older or vulnerable people who share the common areas of the property.

What about RSLs, bowls clubs and other multi-purpose venues?

Dine-in areas in RSLs, bowls clubs and other venues in regional Victoria are closed. They can operate for take-away food and drink only.

How will you enforce this? Who will enforce it?

Directions will continue to be enforced through spot checks by Victoria Police and the use of emergency powers by Authorised Officers to ensure compliance with the Public Health Directions.

Industry bodies, Victoria Police, WorkSafe, and Authorised Officers will work together to inform Victorians about the directions, as well as undertake enforcement and compliance activities as needed.

Community members can raise concerns about compliance with directions through the Police Assistance Line (PAL) on 131 444. Workers can raise concerns via WorkSafe on 1800 136 089. Employers can talk to their industry regulator or Peak body for specific industry related support.

A Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Joint Intelligence Unit has been established to support comprehensive preparedness and responses to outbreaks and identify and manage outbreak risks.

The Department of Health and Human Services and WorkSafe will co-ordinate intelligence and information on businesses that are non-compliant.

What are the penalties for non-compliance?

Victoria Police can issue on the spot fines of up to $1,652 for individuals and up to $9,913 for businesses for:

  • Refusing or failing to comply with the emergency directions
  • Refusing or failing to comply with a public health risk power direction
  • Refusing or failing to comply with the Public Health Directions to provide information.

Fines of up to $20,000 for individuals and $100,000 for businesses are possible through the court system.

Individuals who do not wear a face covering and do not have a lawful reason can be fined $200.