Information on the restrictions for businesses currently in place in regional Victoria.

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Do the permitted workplaces restrictions apply across Victoria or only in metropolitan Melbourne?

Permitted workplaces apply to businesses in metropolitan Melbourne. Permitted workplaces restrictions also apply to some high-risk industries such as abattoirs and meat processing businesses that also operate in regional Victoria. Third Step restrictions apply to regional Victoria.

I own a business in regional Victoria – do my staff need permits to travel to work?

If your employees live and work in regional Victoria they do not need permits to travel to work.

I own a business in regional Victoria – do my staff need permits to travel to metropolitan Melbourne for work?

Yes, to work at a worksite in metropolitan Melbourne your staff will need a Permitted Workers Permit.

To get to work, I need to travel through metropolitan Melbourne – am I able to travel through this area?

Yes. Travelling through metropolitan Melbourne is allowed. If you stop, it must be for one of the three reasons:

  • to shop for food and essential goods or services
  • to provide care, for compassionate reasons or to seek medical treatment
  • for work or study, if you can’t do it from home.

I own a business in regional Victoria – do I need a COVIDSafe Plan?

Businesses in regional Victoria must have a COVIDSafe Plan in place. Creating your COVIDSafe Plan is not complicated, and will protect your staff, customers, and visitors. Businesses must review and update their COVIDSafe Plans routinely, especially when restrictions or public health advice changes. Organisations with multiple worksites must complete a COVIDSafe Plan for each worksite. If you own a business in a high-risk industry, you must have a High Risk COVIDSafe plan.

More information and resources on how to prepare a COVIDSafe Plan for your business can be found here.

Do my staff need to wear face masks at work?

Yes, all Victorians must wear a fitted face mask when they leave home, no matter where they live. Visit wearing face masks at work for more information.

Is there financial support available to businesses?

A range of assistance is available from the Australian and Victorian governments and other entities to support businesses impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Business Victoria’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support and financial assistance finder will ask you a series of questions to help you find the assistance available to you based on your circumstances.

Use the finder to find out what you might be eligible for.

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