The site at New Street, Brighton is 10km from the CBD in the City of Bayside.
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The site at New Street, Brighton is 10km from the CBD in the City of Bayside. It is close to schools, transport, employment opportunities, shopping and Port Phillip Bay. The buildings on the site, known as “walk-ups”, were built in the 1960s and are no longer suitable for the needs of residents.

At the moment there are 127 dwellings on the New Street site and they will be replaced by at least 140 new public housing homes and approximately 140 private housing homes.

The new homes will be modern and accessible, designed to be safer, more secure, more comfortable and economical, and built to meet the needs of tenants today and into the future. The redevelopment will also include private housing, which will help fund the project and create more diverse communities.

Community benefits of the project include:

  • An open space area in the centre of the site, approximately 2,000sqm in size
  • A community garden
  • A publicly accessible, shared pedestrian and bicycle path providing connections through the site
  • As many trees as possible to be retained on the site and where removal is necessary, significant trees will be replaced on a two-for-one ratio
  • Design that will encourage and maximise sight lines and safety


The redevelopment of the walk-up public housing at New Street Estate is about to take an important step forward, with the first stage of demolition works due to begin in late 2019.

Consultative committee

Community engagement is a key element of public housing redevelopment. The Department of Health and Human Services has established a consultative committee for the renewal of the New Street, Brighton site.

The consultative committee is chaired by Ms Nina Taylor MP – State Member for Southern Metropolitan.

The committee brings together key community members and representatives of local organisations to provide advice on the redevelopment of the estate. It enables ongoing and two-way feedback through an active participatory approach with stakeholders and the community.

Members of the committee provide advice and feedback on redevelopment plans and identify local issues and matters of concern as they arise. Members will provide input and effectively communicate back to their communities to support the successful delivery of the estate renewal.

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