The Virginia Hill Estate revitalisation project will help to ensure increased connectivity and better use of open spaces to meet the needs of the community.
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About the project

The Virginia Hill Estate is in Eaglehawk, 6km from central Bendigo. The site is within walking distance of Eaglehawk railway station, the town centre, schools, community facilities and open space.

The estate has 66 homes that were mostly constructed in the 1980s. The houses are in a series of narrow courts which could be better designed to increase connectivity. The courts are linked by underutilised open spaces that don’t meet the needs of the community.

Project timeline

Late 2019: The project was introduced to the community at community events in Eaglehawk on 19 and 21 December 2019. We also invited expressions of interest for a consultative committee to inform the project.

Early 2020: The first phase of the Virginia Hill Estate revitalisation project will be to consult with the community about what they value about the area and what they would like to see improved. The information gathered in the first phase will help form a draft masterplan.

Mid 2020: Once a draft masterplan has been prepared, it will be brought to the community for feedback.

Late 2020: The masterplan will be updated in response to community feedback and finalised. Actions in the masterplan will begin.

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Community Consultation

The strongest community plans are community led.

Consultation is at the heart of the planning process and we will be consulting with stakeholders and the community throughout the project to understand their needs and to make sure that the plan delivers the best possible outcomes.

Public consultation will occur in two key phases:

  • Beginning in March 2020, we will work with community members to build a shared understanding and vision for Virginia Hill Estate.
  • During the second phase in late 2020, we will seek feedback from the community on the draft plan.

Consultative Committee

The Virginia Hill Estate Consultative Committee will provide residents and community groups the opportunity to take part in the project and provide detailed feedback.

The committee will be chaired by Maree Edwards, State Member for Bendigo West.

Thank you to the residents and community members who expressed interest in joining the committee.

Expressions of interest are now closed. We look forward to consulting with the committee and the broader community in 2020.

Consultative Committee members will adhere to the Consultative Committee Terms of Reference (Word) and Consultative Committee Code of Conduct (Word).

Further information


Project contact
Ben Weiner, Principal Project Manager
(03) 9096 8748

Virginia Hill Estate Residents contact:
Chris Bolton, Client Service and Housing Services Manager
(03) 5434 5529