The Delacombe Estate revitalisation project will help to improve access to surrounding open space, community facilities and shops by creating better connections that integrate the estate with the surrounding community.
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About the project

The Victorian Government is investing $10 million to improve Delacombe Estate. The Delacombe Estate is located about 6km south-west of central Ballarat.

The project’s goals include improving housing, public areas and connections with the surrounding community.

To guide the improvements, a masterplan will be prepared with input from residents, the broader community and other stakeholders.

The masterplan is a blueprint for change, which shows how the estate can be improved in stages over time. It will show how the $10 million will be spent to kick-start the long-term change that aims to make Delacombe a better place to live. 

Project timeline

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on travel and social distancing, we have needed to revise our project timeline. The draft masterplan will now be presented to the community for feedback early 2021.

Late 2019: The project was introduced to the community on 29 November 2019 at the Delacombe Community Christmas Party.

Early 2020: Consult with the community about what they like about the area and what they want improved. Together with technical analysis from a team of expert consultants, this information will inform a draft masterplan.

Early 2021: Consultation with the community and other stakeholders on a draft masterplan.

Mid 2021: Updating and finalising the masterplan in response to community and stakeholder feedback. Actions in the masterplan will begin.

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Community consultation

The strongest community plans are community led.

Consultation is at the heart of the planning process and we will be consulting with stakeholders and the community throughout the project to understand their needs and to make sure that the plan delivers the best possible outcomes.

Phase 1: Consultation on the proposed key directions

In late 2019 we asked the community what they like about Delacombe Estate and what they want improved. We took what the community told us and developed a set of draft key directions.

In March we asked the community to help refine the key directions and confirm the issues.

See the issues and proposed key directions in the Delacombe Estate project update:

Phase 1 consultation closed on 1 April 2020. Thank you to everyone who participated.

You can read about what we heard in the Delacombe Estate Phase 1 Engagement report:

Phase 2: Consultation on the draft masterplan

The previous consultation has delivered valuable insights into how the estate could be re-imagined. Community feedback supported the key directions for change which have guided the preparation of the draft plan. 

In early 2021 we will be presenting the draft plan for community feedback. 

Consultative committee

The Delacombe Estate Consultative Committee, established in February 2020, provides residents and community groups the opportunity to take part in the project and provide detailed feedback. The committee was established following an expression of interest process in late 2019.

The committee is chaired by Juliana Addison, State Member for Wendouree.

Consultative Committee members will adhere to the Consultative Committee Terms of Reference (Word) and Consultative Committee Code of Conduct (Word).

More information

Project contact:
Ella Adams, Project Manager
Mobile: 0447 822 053

Delacombe Estate residents contact:
Simon Walter, Client Support and Housing Services Manager
Phone: (03) 5333 6530

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