The Ascot Vale Estate is being renewed as part of the Victorian Government’s largest ever investment into public housing renewal.
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About the project

The estate will be redeveloped over the next 15 to 20 years to better support residents with modern housing, well-designed community spaces and improved facilities.

The Dunlop Avenue site will be the first to be redeveloped ahead of planning for the rest of the Ascot Vale Estate. For more information, see the Dunlop Avenue project.

Working with the community to create a shared vision is the first step in the redevelopment of the wider Ascot Vale Estate. The shared vision will describe the community you want to live in and will inform the future masterplan for the Ascot Vale Estate.

In 2019, feedback was sought on the high-level principles that will inform the shared vision. Finalising the shared vision has been delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions. For more information, see the Ascot Vale Shared Vision.

The department has established a Consultative Committee to develop ongoing feedback to support redevelopment of the Ascot Vale Estate through an active participatory approach.

Project background

The Ascot Vale Estate is being renewed as part of the Victorian Government’s largest ever investment into public housing renewal. The project will replace ageing public housing with brand new, sustainable homes that will increase the amount of housing available on each site.

The estate contains 'walk-ups' (older public housing buildings) that are rundown and have high ongoing maintenance costs. Without lifts, the accommodation is inaccessible to people with mobility issues, families with small children and older Victorians. The redevelopment of the estate will bring benefits to the returning and new residents including improved safety and security, better community facilities and improved infrastructure.

All current estate residents have the right to return to the renewed estate after construction is complete. The department will work closely with every resident to support them through their transition to alternate homes for the duration of the construction. Residents also have the opportunity to remain in their new location if they choose to do so. Larger families are being supported to return to the renewed estate through the provision of flexible sized homes.

Ascot Vale Estate Consultative Committee

A Consultative Committee has been established for the Ascot Vale Estate as a key avenue for community and stakeholder involvement in the project. The Ascot Vale Consultative Committee will assist the project team by:

  • ensuring effective communication arrangements are established with interested and affected residents, local businesses, service providers and interest groups;
  • ensuring that residents, individuals and groups affected by the project have opportunities to participate in its development;
  • providing a local perspective on project issues, particularly in relation to minimising impact on residents and local communities; and
  • providing input into the development and implementation of the project.

The Ascot Vale Estate Consultative Committee is chaired by Danny Pearson MP, State Member for Essendon.

The Ascot Vale Consultative Committee brings together key community members and representatives of local organisations to provide advice on the redevelopment for the estate renewal. It will enable ongoing two-way feedback through an active participatory approach with stakeholders and the community.

Members will represent their communities, providing input and effectively communicating back to their communities to support the successful delivery of the estate renewal.

Members are bound by the Ascot Vale Consultation Committee Terms of Reference (Word) and Ascot Vale Consultative Committee Code of Conduct (Word).

For further information about the Ascot Vale Consultative Committee, contact Mark Corbett on 0447 842 369 or

Frequently asked questions

Why has the Ascot Vale Housing Estate been chosen for renewal?

The existing walk-up buildings built 60 to 70 years ago are costly to maintain, are uncomfortable in very hot or cold weather, and are difficult for many residents to access. The Ascot Vale Estate Renewal project will replace the ageing public housing with brand new, sustainable homes that will increase the amount of housing available on each site.

Will the estate include mix of housing types?

Yes. The renewal will increase the number of dwellings on the site with a mix of types. The exact number and mix of homes to be built has not been decided and will be resolved through further consultation with the community and Moonee Valley City Council.

What is happening at Dunlop Avenue?

The department has identified the land at 24 to 42 Dunlop Avenue to be redeveloped as a separate project. A planning permit has been approved by council. The project will provide an opportunity to demonstrate good design and build the confidence of public housing tenants and the community for any future redevelopment of the broader Ascot Vale Estate. Read more about the Dunlop Avenue project.

What is happening on the rest of the estate?

The renewal of the remaining 15 hectares of the Ascot Vale Estate is more complex than Dunlop Avenue and will take place over a longer period of time. The department will work with the community to develop a shared community vision for the estate.  Read more about the Ascot Vale Shared Vision.

Who is undertaking the planning of the renewal of the estate?

The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for the planning and delivery of Ascot Vale Renewal.

What will happen to the open space and parkland on the estate?

Many of the outdoor areas and open spaces on the Ascot Vale Estate are not well used because they are poorly designed, unsafe and uninviting. The renewal will create a range of new, well-designed outdoor areas that are attractive and welcoming, enabling spaces to be used for a range of activities by a variety of residents and community members.

Each home will also have a private balcony, winter garden or courtyard.

Will the amount of car parking for residents of the estate be reduced?

Car parking is an important issue that will be carefully considered as part of the planning process. Planning for future car parking will take into account the renewal objectives, current and future public transport access, demand, community feedback, local planning schemes and overlays and professional expertise, particularly from traffic engineers.

Will broader street networks be improved?

A detailed traffic impact assessment will be undertaken to determine what associated street network improvements will need to take place. Plans will be developed for the Ascot Vale Estate in collaboration with a traffic engineer who will recommend the appropriate traffic solution. The proposed traffic management response will also be in consultation with Moonee Valley City Council’s traffic engineering department. Future consultation will show the community what traffic management response we believe is best and seek comments.

Has the option of upgrading and renovating the existing buildings been considered?

Yes, upgrading or renovating the existing buildings has been considered. However, the current apartments were built in the 1950s and 1960s and are expensive to continue to maintain due to their age and condition. Therefore, upgrading was not considered to be a viable or cost-effective approach as it would not:

  • create new or improved open spaces
  • improve safety and surveillance on site by modifying sightlines and activating frontages
  • improve unit layout or provide balconies/private courtyards
  • improve cross ventilation and access to natural light.
Where will the current tenants reside during the renewal project?

The department has a highly experienced relocations team who work one-on-one with existing residents to support their move to another home while the redevelopment works are completed.

The relocations team interviews every household to understand their individual circumstances and needs to ensure they are relocated to a place that suits their requirements. These new homes may be locally within the Ascot Vale area or they may be elsewhere, depending on the tenants’ needs. Tenants can request to be relocated in Ascot Vale, or anywhere in Victoria.

What are the plans for the Wingate Avenue Community Centre?

The Wingate Avenue Community Centre will remain on the Ascot Vale Estate. The centre provides important services for both public housing and private residents. As part of the longer-term masterplanning process for the rest of the Ascot Vale Estate, we will work with local residents, current service providers at the centre and local and regional community service providers to design and develop a new facility during the later stages of the renewal project.

Project updates

The Ascot Vale Estate Renewal Project update provides an update on the Dunlop Avenue renewal and the Ascot Vale Estate Vision.


To register for project updates, send your details to

Ascot Vale Estate plan
Ascot Vale Estate plan