Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and information for the aged care sector.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Residential Aged Care Facilities Plan for Victoria

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Residential Aged Care Facilities Plan for Victoria (Word) provides guidelines to assist RACFs to support their healthcare workers, residents, families and visitors to prepare for, prevent and manage cases and outbreaks of coronavirus (COVID-19).

This document is updated regularly. Updates are highlighted in yellow throughout the Plan. 

Visitors in residential aged care

This factsheet is for residential aged care providers, staff, workers, visitors and contractors. This information aligns with Victorian Government directions and Commonwealth Government recommendations regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) for the residential aged care sector.  

Screening and suspected cases 

The COVID-19 screening tool for residential aged care services can be used daily to monitor residents for signs of clinical deterioration to allow early escalation and testing for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The toolkit can be found at

This factsheet is for residential aged care facilities who are aware that a resident, staff member of worker has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), or has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19): 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) 

PPE factsheets 

PPE and infection control training for residential aged care workers

Workers are encouraged to complete an online training course before attending face to face training. 

The Commonwealth Department of Health has online training for care workers across all health care settings, including aged care. This training covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Monash Health PPE training program for Victorian residential aged care workers contains modules for:

  • hand hygiene (10 minutes to complete)
  • PPE and standard and transmission-based precautions (30 minutes to complete)

Free face-to-face infection control training is available for workers in residential aged care facilities (clinical and non-clinical) in Victoria, delivered by Monash University. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided for hands-on practice and the course incorporates a ‘train the trainer’ model. Fill in the booking request form or email for more information.

Admission and transfer 

These factsheets provide information for decision making about admission and transfer for people in residential aged care: 

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