If you are an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander who lives in Victoria, and you want to be paid while you study and train for a degree in Mental Health, our Aboriginal Mental Health Traineeship Program is for you. 

This three-year program pays trainees to work under supervision in Victorian health services while they are supported to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health) from Charles Sturt University. 

On completion of the program, our trainees will have a mental health qualification that will allow them to work in clinical roles, similar to a social worker or other clinicians in a mental health team. 

Improving care and outcomes 

The Aboriginal Mental Health Traineeship Program will:

  • Increase the number of qualified Aboriginal mental health professionals in the workforce

  • Increase the knowledge of mental health services staff about Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing
  • Improve the responsiveness of mental health services to the needs of Aboriginal consumers
  • Increase the number of Aboriginal people accessing the range of mental health services
  • Improve care pathways for all Victorians.

Supported study

As a trainee, you will complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health) through Charles Sturt University full-time over three years. Your area’s Mental Health Service will pay your student contribution amount for the course and provide on the job training and support.

You will study by correspondence, with three, week-long residential intensive subjects each year at Charles Sturt’s Wagga Wagga campus. Accommodation, travel expenses and meals are provided for these residential subjects.

To stay in the traineeship, you will need to show you are working well both in the workplace and academically. 

If you choose to cease employment as a Trainee and exit the course before the end of three years, you can graduate with the following qualifications:

  • On successful completion of one year, a Certificate in Health Science (Mental Health)
  • On successful completion of two years, a Diploma in Health Science (Mental Health). 

To be offered ongoing employment at your area mental health service you must successfully complete three years and achieve a Bachelor of Health Science (Mental Health).

How to apply 

If you are interested in further information about the Victorian Aboriginal Mental Health traineeship please contact one of the following area mental health services. 

Mental health services
Health service Contact Phone
Eastern Health Email Gavin Foster
Dual Diagnosis and Service Development
Phone: 03 9843 5864
Mobile: 0407 939 809
Bendigo Health Email Christine Cummins
Psychiatric Nurse Consultant
Mental Health Professional Development Unit
Phone: 5454 7627
Mobile: 0418 177 939
Alfred Health Email Glenda Pedwell
Child and Youth Mental Health
Phone: 8552 0555
Mobile: 0438 509 453
Peninsula Health Email Ann Fuller
Discipline Senior Social Worker
Mobile: 0418 959 723
Latrobe Health Email Rita Sanderson
Acting General Manager
Community Mental Health
Phone: 03 5128 0100
Latrobe Health Email Kevin Healy
Team Manager
Bairnsdale Community Mental Health Service
Phone: 03 5152 8800
Mildura Base Hospital Email David Kirby
Mental Health Services
Phone: 03 5022 3540
Monash Health Email Wayne Wright
Discipline Senior Social Work 
Adult Mental Health Program
Phone: 03 9554 1829
Mobile: 0407 970 582
Forensicare Email Lisa Wright
Chief Social Worker
Phone: 9495 9162
Mobile: 0408 653 337